Our Company

WHAT WE DO Perk.com Canada is a digital media publishing company located in Kitchener, ON that owns and operates advertising-supported editorial websites in various categories, including health, automotive, travel, and esports. We develop large, targeted audiences across a range of channels, and deliver them relevant, authentic, engaging content created by experts in the space.

WHERE WE ARE Our office is located in Kitchener, across from the Economical Insurance Trailway on the Walter Bean Grand River Trail. Perk.com Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of Tremor International Ltd which is traded on the London Stock Exchange (LON: TRMR), is headquartered in Tel Aviv and New York with offices worldwide.

Our Story

  • THE WAY WE WERE. We have digital media roots stretching back to the dawn of modern internet publishing, but our story picks up in the mid-2000s with a strategic partnership with Yahoo that would see us become a valued partner in their sponsored search publisher network — a distinction that is still true today.

    Much of our early success came from connecting searchers to answers, shoppers to products and services, and qualified customers to advertisers.

  • LOOK AT US NOW. The rise of social media created an opportunity to establish longer-lasting relationships with audiences of people who share common interests or lifestyles, and to create content that specifically meets the needs of these communities.

    This approach has been instrumental in developing a strong relationship with Facebook i